Terms and Conditions

  1. Due to a record number of uploads, entry to the competition is now closed and voting for the top 100 has begun.
  2. Voting closes on 11th December 2017.
  3. The photos entered must be of either a cat or a dog.
  4. No group photos – there must only be one cat and one dog winner.
  5. You must be the owner of the dog or cat you are entering.
  6. You must have the rights to the photo you are submitting.
  7. Pedigrees and mixed breeds can enter, however, breeds excluded from Vetsure policies cannot be entered into the competition. You can find the exclusions list in our policy terms and conditions:
  8. Anyone can enter the competition, it is open to both Vetsure policy holders and those who are not insured with us.
  9. If you are not a policy holder you hereby give us permission to contact you for a pet insurance quote, so long as you qualify for a new policy.
  10. By uploading your photo you give Vetsure permission to print and reproduce the photo and to use the photo for the animation.
  11. By entering the competition you give Vetsure permission to contact you by email – winners will be contact via email.
  12. Votes will be limited to one per photo, every 24 hours.
  13. For each pet you may upload more than one photo, but will be limited to two per pet. If two photos of one pet reach the top 12 they will both feature for one month only.
  14. Photos should not show cruelty or anything deemed to be distressing to viewers.
  15. Photos should not be heavily manipulated by photo enhancing programmes.
  16. In the unlikely event of a tie, the winner, and runner(s) up will be decided by drawing names out of a hat.
Terms & Conditions